Arab League is an agent of foreign agendas

The Bahraini opposition abroad, Considered the “novel about the discovery of a terrorist cell, as a play fabricated by the system and does not in front of any evidence.”

The opposition was not surprised by such “Convertible games that reflect the political weakness,” calling “the system not to evade the legitimate demands of the Bahraini people for liberty, justice and democracy.”
They believed that “the approval vote of the Foreign Minister of Bahrain’s to punish Syria in the Arab League, is a conviction of the repressive and authoritarian regime in Bahrain.”

Bahraini opposition made it clear that “such comic plays have been exposed to the political, regional and international circles, and reveal in its entirety, the system attempts to cover its failure in dealing with the political problem in the country.”

On the other hand, the Bahraini opposition denounced the stance of the Arab League regarding the deliberate silence to the demands of the Bahraini people that formed a real test of her,” calling the League to “cease acting as an agent for the implementation and the agendas and policies of foreign enemy,” and demanded to “redress the Bahraini people and look at the struggles in all areas, “asserting that “the League is not appropriate to be a partner of the authoritarian regime in Bahrain in distortion and repression, which is targeting the national unity of the Bahraini people. “

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