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Arab League to readmit Syria, preparation procedure underway


The Arab League is preparing a resolution that would readmit Syria back into the organization after a seven-year-long hiatus, a diplomatic source told the Sputnik News Agency on Saturday.

“The Arab League is working on a draft resolution to restore Syria’s membership. It might be put up for debate at the Economic and Social Summit in Beirut,” the diplomatic source told Sputnik.

The Arab League suspended Syria from the regional bloc in 2012 after several states accused the Levantine nation of committing atrocities against its people.

Qatar, one of the states that pushed to suspend Syria from the Arab League, later allowed the Syrian opposition to participate in the organization on behalf of the country.

However, since the Syrian government retook most of the country from the opposition and Daesh forces, several Arab states have made attempts to restore ties with Damascus.

Among those states pushing to restore ties with Syria were Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Kuwait.

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