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Arab, North African monarchs serve US, Zionist interests

The Monarchs of Arab, North African and Persian Gulf countries have been engaged in serving the interests of the US and Zionist Regime, said a senior Indian Journalist in New Delhi on Friday.
In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, who is Chief Editor of New Delhi based Media Star News & Features, while elaborating the reasons of peoples’ uprising in North Africa, Arab and Persian Gulf countries said, “The people of Arab and North African countries have been facing inhuman, undemocratic and unfriendly monarchs who remained engaged in serving the American and Zionists’ interests.

The people want to live free from all clutches, internal or external and wish to choose their own destiny,” he added.

He further said that the common citizens of these countries were suffering from price rise and unemployment while the rulers and their families are squandering national wealth and natural resources.

‘So, they feel cheated by their own rulers for none of their fault. Their inhuman behavior has provoked and encouraged the deprived people of the region to rise against the rulers,’ Kazmi noted.

Criticizing the US-led interference in those countries, Indian Journalist said that the motives of these powers were not about bringing peace but to grab natural resources and to establish its military hegemony in the region.

Kazmi, while expressing solidarity with the freedom seekers, strongly denounced the use of violence by the tyrant Governments against the pro-democracy protesters.

He was of the view that they (Monarchs) will not be able to achieve peace by using force.

Instead they should respect the will of the people, Journalist suggested while mentioning the examples of Tunisia and Egypt.

On the question of UN’s role in the recent conflicts, Kazmi said: “UN, during the recent weeks has been responding differently in the similar conditions in different countries. United Nations generally follow the US administration’s policies. Any sensible individual can easily observe the identical reaction from White House and United Nations.”

He suggested that UN should observe the developments independently and rise to the occasion and support the people’s will in the region.

Kazmi, while replying to the question how Indian government can play the role in prevailing peace in those countries, said: “Large number of Indian expatriates live in most of these countries and they are source of foreign currency for the Indian economy, till date the government of India’s response has been mild and non-effective. At times, Indian government has indicated support to the fading governments. India being regional power should play more active and effective role in supporting the democratic voices of the region,” he added.

He underlined that during the recent Bahraini Foreign Minister’s visit to New Delhi, our officials have not indicated any displeasure on the killings of protesters in that country.

“New Delhi should condemn the human right violations by the monarchs. If we ignore the masses at this time, the future governments in the region will respond accordingly,” said Indian Journalist.

‘Indian media should cover the events in the region with Indian perspective. If we see these developments with Western eyes, we may ultimately lose our national interests in the region,’ he suggested.

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