Arab summit decisions encourages the military option in solving the Syrian crisis

515323c17a4bcThe official spokesman of Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Ukashević today on Wednesday 27 March / has stated that the decisions of the Arab League on Syria encourages the forces that continue to put the bet on a military solution to the conflict.

Ukashević has said that: “what has happened in the Arab League summit in Doha and the decisions adopted there, despite the objection of a number of members and countries, surprisingly,” stressing: “In fact there is talk about encouraging a clear and explicit to those forces that still lay bet on a military solution to the conflict in Syria indifferent or headmistress for the pain and suffering of the Syrians that multiplying day after day”.

The Russian spokesman added that: “It is also from the point of view of international law, the decision is adopted by the Arab League on Syria is considered to be a violation of the law, as the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic was and still is the Representative

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