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Argentinian Muslim convert: I find Jesus better in Islam

n00129612-bAbdul Karim Paz, Muslim cleric from Argentina in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said he found Jesus better in Islam.
Attending World Conference of Ulima and Islamic Awakening, in Tehran, he praised the atmosphere of the conference to be great calling that an opportunity for Muslim clerics to gather together for promotion of Islam.

“I think it is a great opportunity to take advice and learn from Ulimas from other countries.” He said.

On the role of Ulima in promotion of Islamic Awakening he said,”When we talk about Islamic Awakening, we are talking about Islam and that is not merely for Ulimas but it is for all the people and for all the Muslims.”

He highlighted the importance of knowing the Islamic roots, the example of prophet (PBUH), the meaning of Qur’an and acting according to them before trying to teach others.

Muslim convert from South America hailed previous Ulima who gave their lives for Islamic objectives stressing that those martyrs have to be set as an example saying, ”They are our teachers because they did not do that for worldly benefits they tried to awake the people and teach them like Imam Khomeini (RA).”

When asked how Muslim unity can be used to prevent the spread of crises in the Middle East he said,” We are all supposed to know God and bring ourselves close to the model of Prophets (PBUT) and Imams (AS) because one of the attributes of God is unity and God is the one who unifies.”

He added,” If we are with our creator then we are united that we put aside all the quarrels and bad opinions of each other.”

Abdul Karim Paz said he found the truths, ideas, ideologies, philosophies, pure and beautiful things of many religions in Islam.

“What I found in Islam was much deeper than the things I had seen in different places and another point was that they were all alive and fresh.”

The Argentinian cleric said, “Once I was the guest at a TV show and the lady presenter asked:”How you feel now that you have abandoned Jesus?” I said how can you say this? I am really closer to Jesus today. I am not only closer to Jesus but also I have understood many things I was doing wrong. You must know that Jesus is so close to Mohammad (PBUH).”

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