Armed opposition decries Coalition’s disability and says it has “chronic internal discord”

Armed opposition decries Coalition’s disability and says it has “chronic internal discord”

Both analyses and reports have recently poured out condemning both opposition branches whether armed or political for their incoherency before Geneva 2; today both “oppositions” are lashing each other for the same reason, but each his own way.

In a recent statement issued by the “armed” one through the so-called “Revolutionary Movement in Syria”, the latest said that: “outside-opposition allowed itself to be controlled by regional and international players; the National Coalition is unable to function properly due to its chronic internal discord”.

Geneva 2 is approaching, the more it advances, opposition crumbles.

This is the first crystal clear sign that opposition was from the beginning mired in chaos; formerly those chasms had no chance to show up because Coalition was left behind alone, but now and as it is pulled towards its first serious step in negotiations, all-out disarray overwhelmed it.

Still armed opposition has not fled the barrage of criticisms yet, Coalition says its armed “sister” is not obedient; it doesn’t listen and it acts on its own as if the umbilical cord was cut.

Both now are condemning each other for their fractured appearance before worldwide powers; however, Austria and in its objection before lifting the embargo perhaps has said it all.

Austria said that Coalition doesn’t hold enough credibility to act; beside it does not represent Syrian people or at least does not represent all the spectrum of oppositions.

That’s for the Coalition; still Austria continued that its armed “sister” is heavy-loaded with extremism and that both hold no credibility and deserve no initiatives whether for or from them.

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