Around two million demonstrators in Europe against Israeli aggression on Gaza

images_News_2014_07_27_protest1_300_0Around two million demonstrators took to the streets throughout Europe on Saturday in protest against Israeli aggression on Gaza, according to an expert analysis.

European Media Initiative has revealed in a public analysis that at least 180 protests and sit-ins were organized throughout Europe with 1,700,000 demonstrators at least in support of Gaza and in protest against the Israeli aggression.

Hossam Shaker, a media advisor and an expert in European affairs, affirmed that the number of European demonstrators have notably increased and doubled during the past two days in comparison to the large protests organized during the first days of the Israeli aggression.

The media analysis said that a number of European countries have witnessed on Saturday ten pro-Palestine protests, while other countries have witnessed twenty pro-Palestinian demonstrations on the same day.

According to European Media Initiative, all the pro-Palestinian protests were organized throughout Europe amid the same peaceful circumstances and the same political position against the Israeli aggression and the siege on Gaza.

It is expected that pro-Palestinian protests will reach new European towns and cities and include new segments during the next few days, the analysis pointed out.

The number of European demonstrators has been steadily increasing as each day of Israeli aggression passes, Shaker told Quds Press, noting that pro-Israeli protests failed to polarize any significant number of demonstrators despite the Israeli embassies’ efforts in Europe.

European capitals and cities have witnessed, since the start of Israeli aggression on Gaza, large marches in protest against the Israeli offensive and calling for lifting the siege on Gaza.

In London, more than 45,000 people participated on Saturday in a historic march in protest against Israel’s war crimes in Gaza.

The International Campaign for the Inclusion of Israeli Settler Groups in List of Terrorist Organizations was declared during the demonstration.

In Buenos Aires, thousands of Argentinians took to the streets heading to the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters for the third time in two weeks in protest against Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip.

The demonstrators, headed by representatives of Argentinean political parties and MPs, called for breaking all diplomatic ties with Israel following its aggression on Gaza.

In Dakar, thousands of Senegalese people, including ministers and MPs, participated in a huge demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and called for severing diplomatic ties with Israel due to its human rights violations.

In Tel Aviv, thousands of Israelis participated on Saturday in a demonstration calling for an immediate end to the Israeli war on Gaza.

The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, which started three weeks ago, has killed 1050 Palestinians so far while around 6,000 others were injured.

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