Assad has won in Syria: Former zionist security official


President Bashar al-Assad and the forces which fight under his banner have won the Syrian War according to a former high-ranking Israeli security official that recently spoke with the Al-Monitor media center.

The former security official, speaking to Al-Monitor, argued that regardless of the amount of territory any one alliance group (i.e. pro-government forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, ISIS, etc) holds, this factor alone is no longer an indicator of victory in Syria.

Rather it is the case that that victory in Syria belongs to whoever has the most respected and effective central rule in the country.

In this regard, Assad “will be the final, unequivocal winner of [the] war,” absent some “unexpected” event, Al-Monitor’s source concluded.

Following their most recent victory at Deir Ezzor, pro-government forces have liberated about 50 percent of Syrian territory from terrorist groups. Currently, somewhere between 70 to 80 percent of the Syrian population lives voluntarily under the protection of the Damascus government.

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