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Assad’s aide urges withdrawal of US occupation forces from Syria

A senior aide to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lashed out at the United States for occupying the Arab country and looting its oil, stressing the need for the pullout of American occupation forces.

In an interview with Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen TV channel on Friday, Assad’s political and media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban, referred to the policy that the next US president, Joe Biden, would likely take towards Syria.

She said that Damascus is waiting to see the new US administration’s approach, but the most important issue is the withdrawal of American troops from Syria.

The Syrians do not expect much from the new US administration, because the region has always suffered from Democratic and Republican governments, she added.

Shaaban also called on US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft to recognize Security Council Resolution 2254 that is against the occupation of Syria by American forces.

The Syrian army has been fighting against foreign-backed terrorist groups, which have been wreaking havoc on the country since 2011.

Syrian soldiers, backed by the Russian air force and Iranian military advisers, have managed to win back control of almost all regions from Takfiri terrorists.

On the contrary, the US has been supporting anti-Damascus militants with the aim of deposing Assad’s government and at the same time stealing Syria’s crude oil.

Elsewhere in her interview, Shaaban described as positive a visit by a Syrian delegation, led by Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, to Moscow.

The situation in Syria and Washington’s unilateral measures in the region were among the issues discussed during the delegation’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, she said, asking, “How can Washington violate UN resolutions on Syria, occupy our territory and loot our oil?”

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