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Assault on Iran to Cost Aggressors Dearly: IRGC General

The Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) warned the enemies of the heavy costs they would have to pay in case of any military action against Iran.

In a meeting with the IRGC personnel in Iran’s southeastern city of Zahedan on Thursday, IRGC Deputy Commander for Coordination Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi highlighted the Islamic Republic’s great “deterrent power”.

Iran’s deterrent power is so effective that any aggressors intending to attack Iran would realize the severe disadvantages of an assault after assessment of the situation, he added.

“That’s why they (enemies) do not begin an aggression (against Iran).”

Not many countries in the world enjoy deterrent power, Fadavi noted.

Iranian military and political officials have repeatedly warned the enemies of the dire consequences of a military strike.

In comments in April 2018, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said the US is aware of the crushing response it will have to face in case of taking military action against Iran.

The era of hit and run is now over, and the US knows that if it gets entangled in military action against Iran, it will receive much harsher blows, Ayatollah Khamenei underlined.

The US is seeking a way to evade the costs of standing against Iran and place them on regional countries, the Leader said, reminding certain regional countries that if they confront Iran, “they will definitely suffer blows and defeat”.

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