Attacking Iran to have disastrous consequence: Russian FM Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister says a possible attack on Iran over its nuclear energy program will have disastrous consequences as it may lead to an arms race in the region.

“The CIA and other US officials admit they now have no information about the Iranian leadership taking the political decision to produce nuclear weapons,” Sergei Lavrov told Moscow’s Kommersant FM radio on Tuesday.

“But I am almost certain that such a decision will surely be taken after (any) strikes on Iran,” he added, AFP reported.

The pre-recorded interview was aired shortly after The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei warned enemies of Iran that the country is ready to strike back against an attack “at the same level as they attack us.”

Lavrov argued that his country is not simply defending an ally, but is trying to avert a broader conflict or possible nuclear arms race from breaking out in the Middle East region.

He added that Slaughterer Zionist Israel’s threats against Iran were only pushing other nations on poor terms with the West to consider pursuing their own nuclear weapon drives.

Lavrov noted that if a real attack happened, it “…will force a lot of Third World countries to pause and realize that if you have a nuclear bomb, no one will really bother you.”

He particularly raised the case of North Korea and its decision to both develop and test nuclear weapons — a move that was never followed by a threat of an attack from the United States.

“But we are all behaving responsibly [toward North Korea]. We are not proposing to bomb North Korea. We are all insisting on the immediate resumption of negotiations and looking for ways to make these negotiations productive,” Lavrov said.

“Scientists of almost all nations…agree that strikes against Iran can slow its nuclear program. But do away with it, close it, eliminate it — never,” he added.

The US and Slaughterer Zionist Israel have been escalating their war rhetoric against Iran in recent months, claiming that there is diversion in the country’s nuclear energy program towards a military program.

Tehran refutes their claims noting that as a member of International Atomic Energy Agency and signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty, it has every right to peaceful uses of the nuclear energy.

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