“Attempts to Isolate Resistance Futile, ‘Disarming Hezbollah’ Tops Some Electoral Programs”

Hezbollah officials stressed on Monday that schemes against the Resistance party during the upcoming parliamentary elections are futile.

Member of Hezbollah’s Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qawouq said that “Hezbollah enemies and rivals have been working through carrots and sticks to isolate the Resistance party and to sue discord with its allies.”

“Hezbollah has formed electoral lists along with its allies,” Sheikh Qawouq said in remarks carried by Al-Manar, assuring that the relation between the allies is steady.

“Hezbollah enjoys strategic and wide alliances that know neither sectarian, nor regional boundaries.”

“In May 15, ballot boxes will witness the failure of schemes aimed at isolating Hezbollah,” he said, stressing that all forms of pressures, including sanctions won’t impact the ties between Hezbollah and its allies.

“Thanks to US and Saudi backing, some Hezbollah rivals enlarged their imagination by setting ‘disarming Hezbollah’ as their goal,” Sheikh Qawouq said, reminding that even the Israeli enemy failed to achieve such goal during 33 days, referring to the 2006 July War.

For his part, Head of Hezbollah’s Political Council Sayyed Ibrahim Amin Al-Sayyed said that some Lebanese who are running for the upcoming elections in May 15 are conspiring against the Resistance.

Some candidates are running for elections with political calculations rather than electoral ones, Sayyed Amin Al-Sayyed said, slamming those for not competing in a bid to serve the Lebanese people.

“Disarming Hezbollah issue tops the electoral programs of those candidates.”

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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