Axis of Resistance Turns Tables over US-ISIL Plots in Region, ’Israel’ Admits

Hez Rockets

Hezbollah has contributed to deactivating the New Middle East plot and has shattered the Israeli direction of the developments in the region, the party’s Deputy Secretary General stressed.

The axis of resistance has reached great achievements in its open encounter with the Zionist-American and takfiri plots.

It is the logical conclusion that any political analyst can draw after examining thoroughly the current developments in the Middle East.

How can this conclusion be drawn?
After Hezbollah liberated the Israeli-occupied Lebanese territories in 2000, the Zionist-American plots against the axis of resistance continued to destabilize various areas in the Middle East.

Occupying Afghanistan and Iraq was the beginning of the US monstrous attack against the Middle East before the Zionist-American plotters decided to directly challenge their enemies, so 2006 war erupted.

Hezbollah, backed by all his allies, defeated the Zionist military power in 2006, what pushed the US administration to devise alternative plans in order to overcome the axis of resistance.

The “Arab Spring” revolution was the ameliorative name given to the US scheme to destabilize the key Arab countries in preparation for striking the axis of resistance, so Syria was the target.

ISIL (the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) and other terrorist groups were established and supported by the US administration and its European and Arab allies in order to contrive this plot.

However, the Syrian army, backed by all its allies, has been challenging the conspiracy and fighting the terrorist groups, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The Syrian army and its allies have secured several key towns, including the capital. It is now escalating its operations against the terrorist groups in order to eradicate them completely.

Iran, as a basic part of the axis of resistance, had also to face the US military threats and political pressures which aimed at obliging Tehran to accept a humiliating nuclear deal.

Nevertheless, Iran has faced all these challenges, forcing the West to approve Tehran’s right to exploit the nuclear energy for peaceful ends. It also kept its military and political support to all the factions of resistance in the region, benefiting from the huge capabilities of its army which displayed part of this power in the recent maneuvers that covered over two million square kilometers.

ISIL was also supported by Iraq and a number of Arab countries to control Iraq in order to subject the political will of that country, yet the Iraqi army, backed by all its allies, showed steadfastness in face of this plot and liberated a large number of ISIL-held towns in cities, in preparation for regaining all the territories from the terrorist group’s control.

On all the fronts, the axis of resistance has been always able to face the deactivate the US-ISIL schemes as well as the Israeli wars and aggressions against its different countries.

The Israeli intelligence has reported that the Zionist entity is after encountering real dangers at its “borders”, acknowledging that Hezbollah has possessed a huge rocketry power, including pinpoint missiles, and gained scary military experience after intervening in Syria war, what exposes the Zionist northern settlement to Hezbollah threats of storming and controlling them.

The Israeli intelligence expected that the Palestinian, Syria and Iranian front may not be quiet as the entity’s enemies have been accumulating the power that seriously endanger its existence.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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