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Ayatollah Fadlullah Laid To Rest In Hassanein Mosque

Ayatollah Mohamad Hussein Fadlullah, 75, was laid to rest in the court of the Hassanein Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein pbut) Mosque in Haret Horeik – Beirut’s southern suburb, after funeral prayers were concluded Tuesday afternoon.

This came after hundreds of thousands of mourners marched in the funeral procession of the late Ayatollah.

The procession started right after noon prayers from the residence of Ayatollah Fadlullah in Haret Horeik, where his casket was placed. Men, women, and children took part in what looked like a sea of people crying, shouting farewell slogans, holding pictures of Sayyed Fadlullah, and waiving black flags. High level delegations from Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait also took part in the procession.

At Ayatollah Fadlullah’s mosque, political and religious figures attended to pay their condolences and take part in the funeral prayers.

His eminence passed away Sunday morning after a brave struggle with liver cancer and severe hemorrhage. Although expected, but the announcement of his death struck the Muslim and the Arab worlds. Sayyed Fadlullah spent his life in jihad, knowledge, and lending a father’s helping hand to the downtrodden.

Tuesday was announced by the Lebanese government a day of national mourning. Indeed it is a day of loyalty to the path of the late Sayyed, the “compassionate father, wise guide, fortified shelter, and strong supporter that was present at all stages,” as described by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

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