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‘Bahrain parliamentary elections nothing but a farce’

The upcoming parliamentary elections in Bahrain are nothing more than “a farce” used as a tool to deceive people into thinking they have a say in the kingdom’s affairs, an academic has told Press TV.

“The whole purpose of elections to the extent they have them in Bahrain is to hoodwink the population to make them think that they have some say into who is running the country. But of course anybody who is an observer of Bahrain … knows that the elections are a farce. They are a fruitless exercise because the population has absolutely no say in who wins the election,” Colin Cavell, a former lecturer at University of Bahrain said in an interview on Wednesday.

“The king and his family choose who the winners are. They would choose the outcome. The outcome in other words is pre-determined before the elections even start. In fact they are determined right now. They already know who [will] win the elections,” he added.

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