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Bahrain’s Sheikh Qassem Calls on Muslim Nation to Frustrate “Malicious Deal of the Century”

Bahrain’s prominent cleric Sheikh Issa Qassem lashed out at US’ plan on the Middle East, dubbed “Deal of the Century”, as a “malicious deal”, calling on the Muslim nation to thwart it.

In a statement released on Saturday, Sheikh Qassem described the deal as “a shameful deal orchestrated by ‘axis of devil’ and targets our nation’s identity and existence.”

He lashed out at all the deal accomplices including Arab regimes by saying: “The deal’s shame affects all those who are part in, including this nation’s governments, organizations, members.”

“The deal is a malicious, dangerous and impudent step,” Sheikh Qassem said, stressing that the Muslim nation holds responsibility to thwart this scheme.

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