Ban says: Syria has no military solution

8b67a55a53a164a75d302714de587f09_LUN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has refuted the idea of a probable victory for the armed terrorists in Syria a mere hallucination.

According to FNA, Ban Ki-Moon, in an article, emphasized that Syria has no military solution, calling for due facilitations toward a peaceful and calm country as deserved by its own people.
In the article, published in the world mass media, he emphasized extensive cooperation between the involved countries concerning the ongoing crisis in Syria.
The UN secretary general referred to the recently issued resolution at the UN Security Council which called for annihilation of Syria’s chemical weapons and said this was a promising and diplomatic plan that pushed Syria toward peace.
Earlier, the chief of the world’s chemical weapons watchdog said The Syrian government is working constructively with the international team overseeing the destruction of the nation’s chemical weapons.
Ahmet Uzumcu, Director-General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, said on Wednesday that inspectors visited a first site earlier this week, where they saw some chemical weapons equipment destroyed, and are expected to visit more than 20 others over the coming days.
Uzumcu told reporters at The Hague “The cooperation has been quite constructive, and I will say that the Syrian authorities have been cooperative.”

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