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Bardawil: Abbas’s remarks against Hamas reflect his failure

Senior Hamas official Salah Al-Bardawil described de facto president Mahmoud Abbas’s latest remarks against Hamas Movement as a reflection of his repeated failure at the national and international levels.

Bardawil told the Palestinian information center (PIC) on Monday that every time Abbas fails, he tries to cover his failure by making his rivals sound failed, stressing that Abbas’s moves at the international level are always abortive, counterproductive and detrimental to the Palestinian cause.

He slammed Abbas for trying to delegitimize Hamas and prevent it from moving politically after it gained the confidence of its people in democratic elections.

He expressed his belief that Abbas’s remarks against Hamas were kind of partisan defiance and had nothing to do at all with the Palestinian national interest.

“We demand him to stop his incitement against Hamas and the legitimate government, consider seriously changing his political and media discourse and stop his security cooperation with the Zionist enemy against the resistance,” the Hamas official emphasized.

In a press statement published on Sunday by the Egyptian magazine Rose Al-Yousuf, Abbas claimed that the international political moves made by Hamas are aimed at conferring legitimacy on its rule in Gaza and undermining the existence of the Palestinian liberation organization which he described as a historical achievement and the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

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