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Battle for Idlib is approaching as Syrian Army forces prepare to launch offensive: source

A high-level Syrian field source confirmed stated on Sunday that the additional deadline Russia granted to Turkey in order to open the international road (M4) in a peaceful manner has ended, noting that a massive amount of reinforcements have reached the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) front-lines.

According to a field source close to Sputnik Arabic, “the Syrian Army sent a large number of military reinforcements to contact lines with armed terrorist groups in the Idlib countryside,” pointing out that the SAA is dealing with daily attacks by the terrorist forces there.

The source pointed out that “the movements of the militants and their forces have become completely exposed to the monitoring units in the Syrian Army, and we have dealt with them several times during the past week and we were able to destroy their mechanisms and armored vehicles that were preparing to attack our military sites in the Idlib countryside.”

“We are involved in high-level coordination with the Russian side, which went to the end with the Turkish side, through an additional deadline that ended today to open the international road (M4) in a peaceful way, but it seems that the Turks are not serious in dealing with this matter, and they could not control the groups.”

Regarding the possibility of a resumption of military action in the Idlib countryside soon, the source stressed that “this matter has become a reality, as the Syrian Army will not remain on the defensive in front of these almost daily repeated violations, and we are currently putting the finishing touches to the military action plan in coordination with allies on the ground”

The source revealed that “strategic areas should be under the control of the Syrian Army in the next stage, including Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib and the rest of the Al-Ghaab Plain in the Hama countryside.”

Regarding the date of the start of the military action, the source preferred not to give an exact date, but said it should be coming soon.

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