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Behind Al Khalifa scenario for Iran

Al Khalifa scenario for Iran
An Arab news website says the ludicrous scenario devised by Al Khalifa head of public security authority is a cover for oppression of protests in Bahrain.
Nahrain news website pointed to claims made by Tariq Hassan al-Hassan, head of Bahrain public security authority, who had said that the authority had discovered an armed group affiliated with Iran.

This website wrote that the claim had been made as a means to justify regime’s oppressive measures against protesters, and a pretext to gain support from Persian Gulf countries. “ this is a ploy the regime in Bahrain has devised after the revolution of February 14th 2011, accusing Iran of interfering with Bahrain,” wrote Nahrain, but that “Mahmoud Sherif Basyouni’s report belied all false stories concocted by Bahrain regime, and strongly rejected an Iranian role.”

Al Khalifa new scenario about the claimed separatist group, Jaish al-Imam, in fact is indication that Bahraini protests has succeeded in getting the message of their revolution across the world, and going out of political and media boycott made by Bahraini regime against the revolutionaries.

“Media and political censorship against Bahrain revolution is applied by the support of Arab countries in Persian Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, who has sent troops to Bahrain, and others, including UK and US,” Nahrain added. “Russian welcome for Bahrain opposition has disturbed the regime in Bahrain, especially the delegation of opposition recent visit to Russia has informed Russian officials about what was underway in Bahrain,” wrote Nahrain report.

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