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Behind the Scenes: Top Level Gulf Officials in Syria Soon!


Highly trusted sources have revealed that some gulf countries are on the course of gradual rapprochement with Syrian official authorities after reaching a conclusion that all their past policies were mistaken. Some sources said they would not be surprised to see top level Gulf officials in Damascus soon.

14th of March partisans openly express their bitter disappointment because they yielded no success in their attempts to tighten their grip over the country depending on the international and regional support. One of their sources used sarcasm saying ever since they followed Samir Geagea, they have become sworn experts in losing all battles they wage.

Recent visitors coming from Washington expressed big surprise because of the huge change they came across in the way US officials approach problems in the region. America came finally to recognize the vital importance of the Iranian role in preserving and guaranteeing stability in the whole region, they added.

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