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Biden’s stance on Yemen not different from Trump’s

Ansarullah’s spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam said on Wed. that the Biden administration’s stance on Yemen is no different from Trump’s.

“The United States has come up with an old plan to resolve the crisis,” he said explaining that the plan had been previously been put forward by the UN.

“We demand the reopening of ports and airports before reaching the ceasefire,” he added.

“The position of the current US administration is no different from that of the previous one,” Abdulsalam noted.

The spox said that Ansarullah members have not had any direct meetings with the United States. He added that Ansarullah is waiting for the US to announce its response Via Oman about solutions for the Yemen crisis.

“Contact with Saudi Arabia continues and will change as events change,” he said, stressing the need to halt military action and address humanitarian issues.

Abdulsalam said Saudi Arabia is trying to destroy Yemen by preventing the import of petroleum products.

“If Riyadh stops the attacks, Sanaa will also stop them, too,” he said.

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