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Blackout Reported across Zionist Entity, Cause ‘Unknown’

Power outages were reported across the Zionist entity early Friday morning leaving whole areas in the dark.

The so-called Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) said that the outages were due to an “imbalance in the system”, adding that despite fears, the cause of the outages “was definitively not a cyberattack.”

Despite this, security officials told N12 that a cyberattack should not be ruled out as the possible cause of the outages, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Major cities affected included Al-Quds (Jerusalem) the cause of the outages “was definitively not a cyberattack.”

The IEC explained that the loss of power was caused by a problem with the conduction system that caused a power station in the south of the Zionist entity to stop working creating a chain reaction.

Meanwhile, Ynet reported that the IEC’s hotline and website were inaccessible around the time of the outages and the IEC site posted an announcement, saying it was down for maintenance. It is unclear if there is connection between the crash and the outages, according to the Israeli outlet.

Despite IEC’s assurance that power would return within 15 minutes of the beginning of the outages, residents of several areas across Al-Quds, Ashdod, Herzliya, and other cities told Ynet News that the outages lasted much longer.

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