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‘Blackwater and ISIS are two faces of the coin of Arrogant Front’s barbarism’

Today, the cruelest and the most oppressive system in the world is the US government. It is more oppressive than everyone else. You’ve witnessed how bad, oppressive, and savage DAESH was. The US government is even worse than them. The US government is the same machine which created the likes of DAESH – not just DAESH itself. It facilitated the tasks for them. It acted as the cause.

This is not just our claim, rather they themselves have acknowledged this. The one who is the US President, presently, used to constantly highlight the fact, in his electoral campaign, that the creation of DAESH was a measure adopted by the Democrats — the opposite party to his own. He would repeat this over and over again, and he was right. Evidence and proof for this claim did exist. In the present time, too, there is such evidence. It was they who created DAESH. It was they who strengthened it. It was they who offered DAESH their weapons, and their financial support and the like. Most probably, it was they who trained them to use certain methods.

Those savage U.S. organizations which are dependent on the US administration – such as the former Blackwater [it changed its name again] – are carrying out these tasks. They know these methods to perfection. They are experts at carrying out these savage acts against humanity. Most likely, it was they who have taught such methods to DAESH. Otherwise, how does a depraved individual from the Caucasus know how to torture an individual, how to drown people by torturing them, gradually, and how to burn them little by little? Likely, it was they [US mercenaries] who taught them these methods.

Feb 8, 2018

The ritual of Bara’ah which means refusing every instance of mercilessness, cruelty, wrongdoing and corruption of the tyrants of any time, and rising against intimidation and extortion by the arrogant throughout history, is one of the great blessings of Hajj, and an opportunity for oppressed Muslim nations. Today, repudiating the front of shirk [polytheism] and kufr [disbelief] made up of the arrogant powers—the foremost of them being the U.S.—equals refusing the killing of the oppressed, and waging wars. It equals condemning the sources of terrorism, including ISIS and the American Black Water. It is the Islamic Ummah’s shout at the child killers of the Zionist regime, and their backers and cohorts. It is a condemnation of the United States and their associates’ warmongering, in the sensitive regions of West Asia and North Africa, who have pushed the nations’ pain and suffering beyond limits and who impose on them new catastrophes every day. It means refusing racism, and discrimination based on geography, race, and color of skin. It means detesting the arrogant and vicious behavior of aggressive and seditious powers against dignified, noble and just behavior recommended to everyone by Islam.

Aug 10, 2019

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