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Blast of Zionist Regime’s Cluster Bomb Claims One Local in Lebanon’s Majdel Selm

A Lebanese national Thursday embraced martyrdom after a cluster bomb, remaining for the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006, exploded under his bulldozer in Majdel Selm southern town.

Martyr Ali Nehme Hamza, who descends from Jmaijmeh southern town, was injured by the blast, yet he passed away at the hospital he was moved to.

It is worth noting that the Israeli enemy scattered millions of cluster bombs across Lebanon’s southern towns during the last of few days of its 33-day aggression in 2006. Since then, many locals have been either killed or injured by those bombs.

The Lebanese army, Hezbollah as well as local and international organizations have been engaged in sapping operations, clearing swathes of territories; however, the hidden enemy is still capable of claiming innocent souls.

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