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Bolivia’s Traitor Military Pledges Support for Interim President Anez After Morales’ Resignation

Bolivian armed forces have declared support for the opposition senator Jeanine Anez, who assumed presidential powers following the resignation of former leader Evo Morales, and announced their readiness to cooperate with her, Armed Forces Commander Williams Kaliman said on Wednesday.

“Given the circumstances, we want to inform you that, according to the laws, standards and military regulations, we are at your service,” Kaliman said in a letter, posted on Twitter by the Pagina Siete newspaper.

Anez, the second vice speaker of the Senate, declared herself interim president on Tuesday. The Constitutional Court confirmed the legality of the transfer of power to her.

Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced to resign on Sunday under pressure from the military amid protests against his re-election. Bolivian armed forces sided with demonstrators protesting his October 20th electoral victory.

Morales pledged to call for new elections and reshuffle the electoral board after a preliminary report from the Organization of American States found “grave” irregularities in the voting process.

His offer was not supported by the opposition, which demanded he abandons his post. On Tuesday, Morales arrived in Mexico after being granted political asylum there.

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