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Brazil: 5 killed, including gunman, in cathedral shooting


Four people were killed and four were left injured when a gunman opened fire following mass on Tuesday, inside the Metropolitan Cathedral of Campinas city, near the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. The assailant then turned the gun on himself.

An eyewitness recounted seeing the assailant shoot a couple at point-blank range. “He shot the man and he shot the woman. After this second shot my reaction was that of running away, I ran for my life. Since I was near the exit of the church, I went out running and understood that several people were also running in front of me”, church goer Pedro Rodrigues said.

The attack took place at the end of the midday service, when the gunman started shooting at worshipers before he was shot in the ribs by police and then shot himself in the head. The motive behind the shooting is yet unclear.

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