Breaking: Syrian Air Force unleashes heavy assault across Hama-Idlib axis

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) has let loose a new attack on the Hama-Idlib axis, today, targeting several areas controlled by the jihadist and Turkish-backed rebels.

According to a military source in the town of Sqaylabiyeh, the Syrian Air Force heavily targeted the militant-held areas in the towns of Kafr Naboudeh, Arima, and Tal Sakhar.

The source added that the Syrian Air Force’s airstrikes were conducted in response to the jihadist attacks on the Christian city of Mhardeh.

This attack by the jihadist rebels resulted in material damage to a number of buildings and the hospitalization of one civilian.

The Syrian Air Force also targeted areas west of Kafr Naboudeh in an effort to weaken the militant resolve in the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate.

In addition to the airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has launched several surface-to-surface missiles towards the jihadist positions in the northwestern countryside of Hama.

The Syrian Arab Army is now preparing to launch a wide-scale offensive in the demilitarized zone as the situation in this area has completely fallen apart.

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