BREAKING: Syrian Army creates new ISIS pocket in east Hama after liberating 6 major towns


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has liberated six major towns from besieged ISIS militants throughout eastern Hama Governorate in a mammoth advance that has been ongoing since yesterday.

As of today, the Syrian Army has secured the towns of al-Mashrifah, al-Hafiya and al-Zarouniyah located to the southeast of the regional Islamic State stronghold of ‘Uyaqribat, whilst also liberating the settlements of Qastal Shamali, Qastal Wistani and Qastal Janoubi to ‘Uyaqribat’s northeast.

The advance was led by the 5th Assault Corps – including the elite ISIS Hunters detachment – as well as key elements of the veteran 4th Mechanized Division and was achieved after a number high-pitched battles with ISIS fighters.

By this advance, the Syrian Army has de facto created a second envelopment of already besieged ISIS forces in eastern Hama Governorate. The new encirclement exists to the northeast of ‘Uyaqribat and consists of about ten ISIS-held settlements there within

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