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Brig. Gen. Abdollahi: Resistance of Iranian nation brought global Arrogance to its knees

Iranian Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff for Coordination Brigadier General Ali Abdollahi said that resistance of the Iranian nation has brought global Arrogance down to its knees.

“Today, resistance of Iranian nation has thwarted conspiracies of enemies orchestrated against the country,” he added.

He made the remarks in a local ceremony on Thursday and added, “since the global Arrogance had lost its grip on its interests in Iran, it orchestrated plots and waged war against the Islamic Republic of Iran but the self-sacrifice of noble nation of the country foiled their malicious objectives.”

Abdollahi referred to the downing of US drone by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and added, “negotiating with US brings nothing for any country except humiliation, degeneracy and dependence.”

Today, US officials are in fear of the undisputed power of the Islamic Republic, he stressed.

US authorities should know that the effectiveness of their bullying policies is over, and Iran will not accept any humiliation, Brigadier General Abdollahi added.

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