Britain role in Syrian/Iranian standoff

Before going into the United Kingdom’s possible (inevitable) involvement in any conflict with Syria and Iran we need to look at the bigger picture.

Iran has ties with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine and as these relationships strengthen you will see a vast tract of land become accessible to Iran reaching over to the Mediterranean Sea. Strategically and economically this is most valuable corridor as it would give Iran direct access to European markets bypassing the Persian Gulf and enhancing there “Geo Political Position.”

In the military sense, it is obvious that should the US, UK, israel or any other NATO force become involved in a strike against Iran/Syria their allies would probably take up arms against those involved. One would assume that the attackers would prefer to take simultaneous action against all otherwise it would put israel in a very precarious position.

We have seen Britain play a major supporting role in anything the israel’s do and also give British Government support in slicing up North Africa. Firm military action by Britain saw the demise of Libya where we stood side by side with the US and France to create what was only supposed to be a UN “No fly Zone.”

So what is Britain’s stance with Syria and Iran and is there some other hidden agenda that could determine the UK’s involvement in supporting any campaign with the US/israel or any other NATO element?

We will in this article cover the political ties with israel and reveal the mood of this country and the US in taking whatever action is required to support israel (which in turn secures their own political future). It is widely known that israel and many zionist groups (Friends of israel, AIPAC, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg etc) fund many leading politicians. One could go a stage further and say that up to and including President/Prime Minister (including their respective parties) are totally supported financially from Zionist sources.

I find it incredible offensive to listen to such people as Cameron, Clegg, Hague and Osborne and their counterparts in the US, Obama, Clinton etc swear allegiance towards israel rather than their own country. It is clear that politics in the west (including Europe) is totally controlled by Zionist elements, which I guess all comes under the title of The New World Order.

Before moving on with our own governments approach towards Syria and Iran, we must fully understand that it is that same Zionist control that decides what we see on TV and what we read in our newspapers…..all of whom are highly censored, including the good old BBC.

Cameron, and his partner in crime Hague, would have to be two of the most dangerous political figures this country has ever seen, although the “Iron Lady”, Maggie Thatcher took some beating!!

We saw Cameron and Hague prodding continuously at the US, EU and United Nations to take action against Gadaffi with the other Zionist Sarkozy right alongside of them….not forgetting that unseen troublemaker Merkel!

Why you may ask did Britain, France and the US push so hard to brainwash the UN into this action? The answer is very simple….Gadaffi, despite what you may think, was not such a bad man but rather the opposite. He cared for his country and made Libya one of the most prosperous nations in Africa and he was about to nationalize the oil/gas industry which would have hit the pockets of the west in a very big way.

I have to again remind you all that this current state of affairs, what they call the “Arab Spring” and the current “Western Spring” is all part of a “Geo Political” master plan by the New World Order to secure its own agenda. I formerly revealed the three main themes of that plan, being:

· To control the world’s natural resources.
· To control the markets for those resources.
· To control the sea-lanes, transit routes and pipeline routes for those resources.

What, you may ask, has this got to do with this country and our politicians? Well in case you didn’t notice many of them are either Freemason, Zionist (both Christian and Jewish) or Avid supporters of israel!

Every current and past leader has talked about the NEW WORLD ORDER, should you doubt its existence simply search the web and listen to them all talking about it, alternatively listen to them taking their stand in the support of israel. Just monitor which one of them attends the annual Bilderberg meeting or how many of them regularly attend Chatham House in London, which is one of the NWO hubs!

I can also link many of the more senior politicians with massive fraud with direct links (in some cases) to that evil establishment called Rothschild’s who play such a vital role in the carving up of the Middle East.

So what is David Cameron’s stance and what is he saying about Syria or Iran?

We see the controlled media putting out headlines such as this one in The Telegraph:

“Call for David Cameron to lead action against Syria”

One simple paragraph summed up the entire situation:
Britain has been contacted directly and encouraged to act as a “team captain” to coordinate discussion of more robust action against President Bashar al-Assad, and to plan for what is regarded as his inevitable departure.

Can you see a repeat of the Libyan situation here in trying to force a “Regime Change”?

Before moving on did you know that the whole purpose (or so they tell us) was to save lives of innocent people in Libya……they gave an initial figure of around 6,000 dead at the time….all at the hands of Gadaffi…or so we are supposed to believe.

One thing is fact….the figures given did not come for the UN or any other source but came from the leader of the Trans National Council (TNC) and were totally inaccurate. However let’s just assume he may have been correct (6,000 dead)…….by the time the US, UK and France had finished their campaign there were more than 50,000 dead with the added donation of NATO of total devastation of each and every city and more importantly the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) being used in the form of Depleted Uranium (DU) which has now totally contaminated Libya forever….it has attacked the genes of all Libyans …..The very DNA of life and can never be cleaned up (DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years)! It’s only a matter of time before we see a huge hike in many forms of cancer’s and birth defects etc, especially in the unborn fetus and young children….no doubt the people of Libya would be most thankful for our countries involvement!!

Cameron and Hague are “War Mongers” and in my opinion also “War Criminals” and it is very clear as to which side of the fence they stand.

So what can Britain do to help in yet another potential war/conflict?

Let’s look at another censored report from The Guardian with headlines as follows:
“UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears”

The first paragraph says it all:
“Britain’s armed forces are stepping up their contingency planning for potential military action against Iran amid mounting concern about Tehran’s nuclear enrichment programme, the Guardian has learned.”

Please understand that from my perspective this has nothing to do with Iran’s Nuclear Capability but rather the same old master plan by the New World Order to mold the outcome of their “Geo Politics” in the region. It is this same organization (NWO) that intentional collapsed the finances of the world and who are currently responsible for the second, (more severe) financial collapse of Europe.

Cameron, Hague and the MoD are planning behind the scenes to put in place UK hardware at strategic locations around the periphery of Iran and Syria……one of the most important tools to start off such an attack is by cruise missiles and that means British Naval vessels such as warships and submarines that can be positioned in the Eastern Mediterranean and also in the Persian Gulf.

The British owned territory in the North of the Indian Ocean (Diego Garcia) will yet again play a major role in US, UK and any other NATO intervention. It has been used so many times throughout the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.

The question remains: Do we the British public want our country to continue of this aggressive path? Do we want our own military personnel to be contaminated with radiation? Do we want our country to focus on spending what little money we have on wars or to plough it back into our economy and stop these harsh austerity measures?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant

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