British Supply to the gunmen impede the talks- Bouthaina Shaaban

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The political and media adviser in Syria Republic Residential Bouthaina Shaaban declared yesterday from New Delhi that “the decision of the British government to supply the armed men in Syria by “non-lethal” military equipment would impede the efforts of ceasing the violence in Syria.

Shabaan announced that “this affair has come as a surprise, where British backs up the Syrian rebel forces, which basically includes between their ranks members of al-Qaeda Organization and other Strict Islamic groups”, as she continued as saying that “they are from the extremists of al-Qaeda an Wahhabis, who want to return Syrian to the dark eras”.
She warned from the British and other Western countries supply to the Islamic rebels in Syria, claiming that it will not make them in save from the attacks of these rebels, and that British should think that the terroristic acts of these armed groups in Syria would backfire on it and on Europe.
Shabaan stressed that Damascus is ready for the talks to hold the disputed, but she accused the Western countries are the responsible of frustrating these efforts.

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