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Buddhist leaders of Myanmar is just loyal puppet of Great Satan U.S

Myanmar’s Muslims who reside in the Rakhine State have always remained faithful to their religious identity and that has challenged the Buddhist leaders of Myanmar who have adopted an American identity, a political analyst said.

French political analyst and professor emeritus of University of Toulouse Pierre Dortiguier said Muslims in Myanmar have maintained their identity and protect their religion like a lasting heritage, adding that it has apprehended the Buddhist leaders of the country who have replaced their religious identity with an American identity.

“That is why they have supported or at least remained silent over the killing of Muslims in the country.”

He said Buddhist leaders work as American propagators and, like their masters, can not see the power of Islam and Muslims in the world.

Asked about the reason behind the silence of Arab countries over the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar, Dortiguier said Arab states have always had a contradictory political behavior. “It is not the first time these countries and the Arab League remain silent over the killing of Muslims. In fact, they lack geopolitical knowledge.”

He said Arab countries try to avoid anything that might bring about the resentment of the US and Britain.

Pointing to the US policies vis-à-vis Muslim countries, the political analyst said, “American leaders’ policy is that any country or group that acts against Washington’s views should be undermined or sidelined politically. But Muslims, by following the teachings of the Quran, have learned that they should stand up against oppression, injustice and colonialism and it is this resistance that has angered the arrogant powers.”

He said these powers have failed to weaken Muslims and are now trying to take ‘Western Islam’ to Islamic and Arab countries in order to change Muslims’ identity gradually. “When his policy also fails, they adopt the policy of silence and news boycott of the massacre of Muslims.”

Dortiguier noted that Western countries misuse the lack of democracy in Mynamar to impose their policies on the country. “For years, Western powers have made a lot of hype in political circles about lack of democracy in Myanmar.”

He referred to Britain’s support for opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi as an example of this, adding that Suu Kyi has always enjoyed the support of the British embassy in Myanmar without doing anything practical for her country.

Professor emeritus of University of Toulouse further criticized the stance of Buddhists over the killing of Muslims, saying that Buddhism advocates peace and Muslims and Buddhists peacefully coexists in many Asian countries. “However, what we are witnessing in Myanmar today is the result of Buddhist leaders’ mistake and their following of US policies.”

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