International Quds DayIslamic Awakening

Canadians rally on International al-Quds Day

Activists amassed on the streets of Calgary to recognize al Quds-day. al-Quds day takes place on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan and represents defiant opposition to the Zionist colonization of Palestine.

Activists say that the frequent violations of international law and international morality exhibited by Israel behooves the Canadian government to adopt a less one-sided policy towards the Israel/Palestine conflict. Activists call on the Canadian government to emulate the more moral foreign policy of countries like Iran which refuses to recognize or legitimize apartheid-like regimes such as the one that currently, unlawfully occupies al Quds.

Activists say that the decolonization of Palestine is a key to world peace arguing that the conflict between indigenous Palestinians and mostly Euro-American Jewish colonizers represents a microcosm of what they call the broader Zionist-induced “clash of civilizations” between the imperialist West and those proponents of decolonization in the Resistance Block.

The Canadian government maintains that its Middle East policy is motivated by concerns with Human Rights and considerations of what is in the Canadian national interest. But activists say that if that was the case then Canada would be denouncing Israel as a terroristic HumanRights violator.

Activists question how it serves the Canadian national interest to be making Canada increasingly unpopular in the world by siding with Israel.

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