Islamic Invitation Turkey
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Islamic Awakening

4 November 2018 9:47

There are Hezbullah trembling the blasphemy- by Islamic Invitation Turkey media with the subtitles of English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Kurdish, Zazaki, and Azeri is on air. You can download HQ from the following links. With English Subtitles With Persian Subtitles With Arabic Subtitles With Urdu Subtitles With Kurdish Subtitles With Zazaki Subtitles With Turkish Subtitles

19 September 2018 21:20

“Karbala the loneliness, madhloomiyat (oppression) reflection of the Pure Mohammadi Islam;.. Ashura the representation of True Islam, the preservtion, justification of Family of Islam by watering with pure blood in order to give on commission of Pure Mohammadi Islam to the future eras, ages influentially, and vigorously. Ashura the divulgation, uncovering of the Islamic faced fithy powers, hypocrites and the...

19 September 2018 21:19

Contrary to the known disaster and tragedy aspects, there is an aspect, a front of Karbala and Ashura in the context of blessing, felicity, victory, which is actually more effectual than the known painful identity and result. This aspect of Karbala and Ashura has been understood better and clearly for the last centuries, especially nowadays.

21 June 2018 22:41

Malaysia's Defense Minister Mohamad Sabu says the country is considering ending its involvement in Saudi Arabia's ongoing military aggression against the people of Yemen. “Why would we want to be involved in attacking Yemen, another Islamic nation?” Sabu told The Malaysian Insight on Wednesday. “We don’t want to be involved in such conflicts.” Popularly known as Mat Sabu, the new defense minister...

2 June 2018 23:42

ANOTHER SCANDAL ON TURKISH STATE TELEVISION! They teach Qods as the capital of killer, occupation Israel to the kids in Turkey. TRT is the Turkish State Television. Question: Is Qods the capital of Switzerland or Israel? Answer of the Child: Israel. The presenter: Very Good. Here we continue… HOW COME TURKISH GOVERNMENT BE FOR PALESTINE, AL-QODS WHILE THEY TEACH QODS AS THE CAPITAL OF KILLER ISRAEL...

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