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CBI Governor: Iran’s Frozen Assets Released

Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati said on Wednesday that parts of the country’s blocked assets in foreign banks have been released.

Some parts of the Iranian frozen assets in foreign banks have been released and the country is consuming them, Hemmati told reporters in Tehran on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting.

He added that the remaining funds will also be released in future, but did not say Iran’s frozen funds in which countries have been released.

Earlier this month, Hemmati had called on South Korea to make a serious move and opt for independent decision-making on Iran’s frozen assets, warning that if the country does not release Iran’s crude revenues, it should expect consequences.

“Seoul must immediately release some $7 billion worth of funds it owes to Iran over crude imports in the past,” Hemmati said after meeting South Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister Choi Jong-kun in Tehran, adding, “I reminded the Koreans and emphasized that Iran’s blocked funds belong to the Iranian nation and no one is allowed to play tricks on them.”

He said Seoul has been acting reluctantly by repeatedly promising that the money would be released.

“For almost one and a half year, the Koreans have sent numerous correspondences and announced that they would solve the problem today, tomorrow or a month later,” the CBI governor said, adding that Choi had shown serious determination to tackle the case for good.

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