Certain Arab government boost Takfiri ideologies: Iraq official



A top Iraqi official has slammed certain Persian Gulf Arab states for using their money to promote the extremist ideologies inspiring the Takfiri Daesh terror group.

The ideologies that underpin al-Qaeda and Daesh had received support in neighboring Persian Gulf Arab states, which seek to distract their people’s attention from the failing governments, Iraqi National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad, said on Wednesday.

Fayad, who was speaking at the Royal United Services Institute in London, warned that “some regimes have been devoting resources to defending those ideologies,” adding that certain rich Persian Gulf countries have been using their wealth to give legitimacy to these terror groups.

The same Arab regimes are “stoking sectarianism” in their countries to rally support as they face economic crises due to falling oil prices.

“We know about the real perpetrators” who are spreading Daesh ideology, as well as, funding and training the terrorist group, the Iraqi official said.

Saudi Arabia is widely known to be among the main sponsors of Takfiri terrorism.

A file photo of Takfiri militants in an unknown location.


The Al Saud regime has been under fire for nurturing and exporting the radical Wahhabism ideology, which serves as a basis for the creeds of Takfiri groups operating across the Middle East.

Takfiri terror groups have many sympathizers inside Saudi Arabia. There have been reports of fundraising campaigns active in the kingdom in support of Daesh, with the rulers refusing to stop such money donations.

‘Daesh threatens entire world’

Fayyad warned that Daesh poses security threats to the entire world, adding that “here is no area which is protected from the invasion of Daesh.”

The top Iraqi adviser called on the international community to seriously oppose the Arab regimes which are supporting “terrorism.”

“The scene is clearer now, not because the world didn’t know about it before, but because the danger is threatening everybody,” he said.

His remarks came as Iraqi armed forces are set for the final offensive to liberate the northern city of Mosul, which is the last Daesh stronghold in the country.

Daesh terrorists began their reign of terror in Iraq in June 2014.

Back then, Daesh militants seized control over huge swathes of land in northern and western parts of the country.

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