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Chavez, ‘martyr’ of preserving human values: Ahmadinejad

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Iran’s President has issued a statement, and has sent condolences for the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President.
The text of the statement by President’s office is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Inna lillah va Inna Ilayhi Rajeun(2: 156) (Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return)

Dear friend Mr. Nicolas Maduro,

The Honorable Vice-President of Venezuela,

The spirit of a great man of justice and freedom-seekers ascended to the heaven, and plunged the world into the griefVenezuela lost its bravest and courageous child, and the world lost a wise and revolutionary leader.

I express my condolences, in the extreme grief, the death of Hugo Chavez to Venezuelan government and people, and his bereaved family, and Your Excellency.

Hugo Chavez was a name known to all nations. His name is reminiscent of pure innocence, kindness, fortitude, and love for the people, to serve the people, especially the poor and the victims of colonialism and imperialism by arrogance powers.

He was deeply pious, committed to human and spiritual values and a helper of God’s messengers and global rule of justice and love by the leadership of Reformers.

Chavez stood against – with all his bravery- the excessive interests of the arrogance hegemony powers, and the broken propagandist, economic pressures, and even coup d’états; but yet his eminence was being so modest to find a time to put his gentle hands on a child’s head, and whispering the clear song of freedom and pride into their ears, to ignite the spirit of love for rest or his life.

Chavez was a symbol and heritage of all brave, warriors, and the revolutionaries in the glorious, but grief-stricken history of Latin America. He was the epitome of the spirit of magnanimity of people of this land, and all nations under suppression; he was a pioneer of anti-colonialism, justice-seeking, and friendship among the nations.

He was a spiritual ballast and support for all revolutionaries and freedom-seekers of the region and the world. Indeed, he was an evident epiphany of a passionate, idealistic, and lovable Venezuela, and Venezuela’s great nation, put him to the presidency with all their sage-like wisdom, helped him in against thick and thin, and he exploited all opportunities and power for serving his people, and heightening the name of his country and bringing freedom to other nations.

And ultimately, he gave his body and soul to this honor-bound path. He is indeed a martyr of the road to service to Venezuelan people, and preserving human and revolutionary values. Although, apparently, a lovely and kind friend left us, I am sure that his heavenly soul and his bright thoughts will rise every day in the higher horizons in the hearts of each and every Latin American and Venezuelan people more brighter than ever, and will lit the path to pride and esteem for all.

Chavez is alive, as long as justice, love and freedom are living. He is alive, as long as piety, brightness, and humanity are living. He is alive, as long as nations are alive and struggle for consolidating independence, justice and kindness. I have no doubt that he will come back, and along with Christ the Savior, the heir to all saintly and perfect men, and will bring peace, justice and perfection for all.

Once again, I express my condolences for this heavy loss, and entreat from God happiness, health, welfare, and pride for you and Venezuelan nation.

Your friend and brother Ahmadinejad,
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
March 6 2013”

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