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Chavez:Israel is a genocidal state

During visit by Syrian President Assad on Saturday, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez described Israel as a genocidal state that acted as an assassin for the United States, predicting the Middle East nation would one day be “put in its place.”

Chavez cut relations with Israel after accusing it of “holocaust” for its 2009 onslaught on Gaza Strip.

“It has become the assassin arm of the United States, no one can doubt it. It is a threat to all of us,” Chavez said, in the presence of the Syrian president Bashar Assad.

Chavez said he supported a peaceful struggle for the return to Syria of the Golan Heights, captured by Israel in 1967.

“The territory will one day return to the Syrian hands,” Chavez said. “Of course we want it to be peaceful because we don’t want more war.”

“But one day the genocidal state of Israel will be put into its place, and let’s hope that a really democratic state emerges there, with which we can share a path and ideas.”

Chavez added “US attempts to isolate Syria and reshape the Middle East have failed, and Israel was fast losing allies.

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