Chechen leader claims Macron is ‘forcing people to terror’

The President of the Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, launched a sharp attack against French President Emmanuel Macron this week, warning him against attacking Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, while describing Macron as “the leader and inspirer of terrorism” in his country.

In a statement posted on Telegram on Tuesday, Kadyrov said that Macron described the publication of cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, which “represents an insult to about two billion Muslims in the world” as freedom of expression, and that he decided to “change their religion and create what is called an enlightened Islam in France.”

Kadyrov wrote, “I do not know what condition Macron was in when he made this statement, but the consequences of his remarks could be very tragic. The French president himself has now become like a terrorist and a supporter of provocations, and implicitly calls on Muslims to commit crimes.”

Kadyrov stressed that the French president could not be so ignorant that “the caricatures of the Prophet are received by Muslims with pain, and by his behavior, he is kindling the fire instead of extinguishing it.”

Kadyrov considered that, under the pretext of “restoring order,” the French president is developing new laws and talking about “the need to control mosques and religious organizations, but in reality the problem lies in him.”

Kadyrov urged European leaders to “respect concepts such as religion, culture, and morals,” considering that as long as it is not, “there will be no worthy future or system in their countries.”

Addressing the president, Kadyrov warned: “Macron, stop, before it is too late, to stop provocations and attacks on religion, otherwise you will enter history as a president who made decisions that have a heavy price.”

He continued, “You do not even have the courage to admit that mocking religion and parodying it is what caused the tragic fate of the teacher in the suburbs of Paris. As a result, you raise him to the status of a hero of France, and the person who provoked him made him a terrorist.”

Well, Macron, if you call him a terrorist, in this case you are a hundred times worse than him, because you force people to terror, and you push them towards it, and you leave them no choice, and you create all the conditions for feeding extremist ideas in the minds of young people. You can safely call yourself the leader inspiring terrorism in your country.

Kadyrov concluded his statement by saying: “If you do not want to understand simple facts, be prepared for the fact that Muslims around the world will not allow insulting the name of the great Prophet Muhammad.

Source: RT

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