China turns down Japan’s criticism of its defense policy

China has dismissed Japan’s “groundless criticisms” of its defense policy, saying it adheres to a peaceful development.

“China strongly opposes the groundless criticisms of its national defense development and military activity, as well as irresponsible remarks regarding China’s internal affairs, made in Japan’s defense white paper,” Xinhua quoted Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng as saying on Thursday.

Releasing its annual white paper, Japan’s Defense Ministry alleged concern on Tuesday about China’s growing assertiveness in regional waters and growing influence of the Chinese military on foreign policy.

“China has been expanding and intensifying its activities in waters close to Japan,” the paper said. “These moves, together with the lack of transparency in its military and security affairs, are a matter of concern for the region and the international community, including Japan.”

Geng said China’s stepping up its national defensive measures was not directed at any country and was solely serving the country’s own sovereignty.

“China will continue to organize normal military exercises and training activities and resolutely safeguard its national sovereignty and marine rights,” he said.

He urged Japan to examine its own military policies and make further contribution to regional peace and stability.

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