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CIA, MI6 Pass on Regime Forces Photos to Syrian Opposition

The Daily Star Sunday online magazine said the British and US satellites pass on photos and plans of regular army movements to the Syrian opposition chiefs through the British foreign security apparatus (MI6) and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers who have infiltrated Syria.

According to the daily, the information has helped rebels to move and evacuate their agents from hospitals and other targets before the national Syrian army arrived in.

“MI6 and CIA control the Syrian hacking operation through sophisticated satellites that Allied eavesdroppers can identify the commanders and troops on the calls.
A senior British defense source said that the Assad generals giving orders can be pinpointed within yards and identified by voice recognition techniques.

“The Syrian hacking operation is a new part of the worldwide Echelon system that was created to monitor the communist bloc during the Cold War,” the daily stated.

It is controlled by Britain’s GCHQ listening station at Cheltenham and the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland.

The defense source revealed there have been discussions about an Iraq-style no-fly zone over Syria to help stop the attacks.

The daily, as well, quoted a Foreign Office spokesman as saying: “All actions remain on the table. We would take any option that would stop the bloodshed.”

Earlier this month, the daily reported that British defense officials have set secret plans to set up safe havens in Syria.

“Units of the British special forces and foreign security apparatus (MI6) agents have deployed in Syria and are ready to help the rebels in the event of the outbreak of a civil war. The units are equipped with satellites operating computers and communication systems capable of sending photos and details of refugees and governmental forces, according to the situation development,” the Daily Star Sunday noted.

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