Commander: Israel Deeply Fearful of Hezbollah

Israel Deeply Fearful of HezbollahLieutenant Commander of Basij (volunteer) Forces Brigadier General Ali Fazli said the growing might and power of the Lebanese resistance group, Hezbollah, has taken the courage from Israel and made Tel Aviv a shaky regime.

“In the past, whenever Israel wanted, it attacked Lebanon and Palestine but today it doesn’t dare to do so due to the presence of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the resistance forces,” Fazli said at a Syria conference in the Northeastern city of Mashhad on Monday.

He also underlined that the victories gained by the Lebanese resistance group actually belong to all Muslims and the Islamic world.

Israel’s unpreparedness to confront Hezbollah has even been acknowledged by the regime’s army officers. The Israeli newspaper Maariv said in a report in April that Israeli forces are not ready militarily to engage in a war with Hezbollah and their capabilities have distinctly decreased.

The paper quoted high-ranking Israeli army officers as saying that the Zionist entity cannot engage in a war with Hezbollah anytime soon.

The officers expressed concern over the decline in military equipment, malfunction and obstructions impeding their involvement in any upcoming military action citing that the level of competence and efficiency had declined as military exercisers have been lessened.

The soldiers expressed fear that the IDF capabilities are similar to those in 2006 (when they failed in war against Lebanon and Hezbollah) and even worse.

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