Commander: No Hostile Flying Object Able to Penetrate Iranian Sky

Deputy Commander of Iran’s Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base General Mohammad Yousefi Khoshqalb underlined the country’s advanced integrated air defense systems, saying that no enemy flying object can open its way into Iranian skies successfully.

“Along with all tools and equipment, we have a fully mechanized and very extensive surveillance and monitoring network, which we use extensively both along the borderlines and inside the country as well as around the defense points, and we can seriously say that the country’s airspace is insecure for enemy’s missiles, guided bombs, fighters and stealth and spy drones,” General Khoshqalb told FNA on Sunday.

He added that the integrated air defense system has not allowed any hostile flying object to penetrate into Iran, noting that all points of the country are equipped with multi-layered active or passive monitoring and tracking systems.

Elsewhere, General Khoshqalb referred to the capabilities of Iran’s home-made Bavar 373 missile system, saying that in the recent drills of the Iranian Armed Forces, the missile shield could successfully track, intercept and destroy the hypothetical enemy’s electro-optic-guided target with a low radar cross section with first missile fire.

Iran’s home-made strategic missile defense system Bavar 373 could successfully intercept and destroy the electro-optic-guided target during the wargames codenamed ‘Modafe’an-e Aseman-e Velayat 99’ (Guardians of Velayat’s Sky-99) jointly staged by the Iranian Army and the IRGC in October.

On the second day of the massive aerial wargames October 22, Bavar 373 for the first time within the framework of Iran’s integrated air defense network, successfully detected, intercepted, fired and destroyed a target with a very low radar cross-section.

Iran unveiled the state-of-the-art surface-to-air Bavar 373 missile defense system, designed and manufactured by the country’s experts, in August 2019.

It is a mobile missile defense system designed to intercept and destroy incoming hostile targets. The system employs missiles that have a maximum range of 300 kilometers.

The system is capable of simultaneously detecting up to 300 targets, tracking 60 targets at once and engaging six targets at a time.

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