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Commander: Sanctions Unable to Block Iran’s Efforts to Upgrade Missile Systems

Commander of the Iranian Army’s Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahi Fard said the cruel sanctions imposed by the US against Iran have failed to prevent progress of the country’s missile industries.

Despite oppressive and unjust sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran, the Army Air Defense Force of the country has gained salient progress in all fields of radar, missile, drone (UAV) and cyber systems, General Sabahi Fard said on Monday.

He referred to the intelligence, vigilance and remarkable success of the Army Air Defense in the operational use of various radar and missile systems in its recent military exercises, saying that today, the Army Air Defense Force has grown, relying upon its self-confidence and indigenous knowledge and technical know-how.

The recent military drills conducted by Iran’s Army Air Defense displayed only a part of the missile capability of this Force, General Sabahi Fard said.

In relevant remarks in August, General Sabahi Fard expressed pleasure that the country has access to the most state-of-the-art military equipment to defend itself.

“Today, Air Defense Force of the country should enjoy high power and ability to respond to any threat and aggression orchestrated against the Islamic Iran like heroes during the Eight Years of Sacred Defense (Iraqi imposed war against Iran in 1980-1988,” General Sabahi Fard said.

Today, Air Defense Force of the country is in a favorable situation both in the region and world in terms of sophisticated hardware and software systems thanks to the unsparing and unflinching efforts of its commanders and manpower, he added.

General Sabahi Fard pointed to the stunning progress and achievement of Islamic Iran in the field of radars, missiles, Communications and Information Technology (ICT), drones, etc., and stated, “Relying upon the domestic capabilities and potentials and trusting elites of the Air Defense Force, we have made increasing progress and also have accessed to the cutting-edge technology in the international arenas.”

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