Complete breakdown of central Syria battle: map


The recent developments in central Syria have paved the way for the Syrian military and their allies to reach areas in the region that were once securely under the Islamic State’s (ISIL) control.

However, with the Syrian Arab Army’s recent advance in the southern countryside of Al-Raqqa, the prospect of a complete victory against the Islamic State has become a reality.

Victory at Al-Sukhnah:

The Islamic State’s biggest loss in central Syria this year was not at Palmyra; it was the strategic desert city of Al-Sukhnah, which was considered the terrorist group’s main stronghold in this region.

While the battle was not easy, the Syrian Army and their allies were able to finally break-through the enemy’s defenses earlier this month and begin a two week long process to liberate the city.

With Al-Sukhnah liberated, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies from Liwaa Fatemiyoun and Hezbollah were able to push north from the city and begin an imperative operation to clear the rugged terrain between the Al-Raqqa and Homs governorates.

Special Airborne Operation:

Al-Sukhnah was no doubt a devastating defeat for ISIL, but it would also be the stepping stone for the Syrian Army’s airborne operation that resulted in the liberation of more than 20km of territory between the Al-Raqqa and Homs governorates this past weekend.

Led by the airborne units of the Tiger Forces, the Syrian Army landed well behind enemy lines this past weekend, surprising the terrorist group with a powerful assault at the Al-Kadeer area.

Following the death of more than 30 Islamic State terrorists, the Syrian Army was able to liberate Al-Kadeer and Makman, allowing them to link up with their forces and clear 20km of ground.

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Al-Kom’s liberation: 

The Syrian Arab Army is still rolling along the Homs-Raqqa axis after launching another powerful assault on Monday morning that targeted the strategic Al-Kom area.

Unable to hold their positions, the Islamic State was forced to frantically retreat from several points in the area after the Syrian Army plowed their front-lines.

By nightfall on Monday, the Syrian Arab Army had successfully taken control of the Al-Kom area, forcing the Islamic State to withdraw all of their forces to Taybah in preparation for a massive enemy assault.

The Road to Besiege ISIL in Central Syria

The Syrian Army has now descended upon the Taybah area of the Homs Governorate, where they hope to link up with their troops south of their positions.

The only thing standing in the Syrian Army’s way is a large Islamic State force that is attempting to save their comrades in central Syria by preserving their last supply line from the east.

If ISIL loses Taybah in the coming days, then their forces in the Hama and Homs governorates will be effectively besieged from all sides.

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