Condemnations of Terrorist Bombings Consider them Failure of Conspiracy

Syrian Human Rights Network Condemned the two terrorist blasts targeted Damascus Saturday morning, considering them as a form of the foreign-backed opposition’s failure and international conspiracy which ultimately supports terrorism and violates all human rights principles, the international law and relevant international pacts.

In a statement, the Network called on human rights organizations which adopt a one-sided view and have involved in politicization to stop their allegations and pretend to representing the social promoter of human rights principles after they tainted with the Syrian blood and terrorism in the country.

It affirmed that all those army members broadcast by channels as being defectors, have initially been kidnapped by the armed terrorist groups and they were reading the pre-written defection statements under threats, clarifying that it has documented several cases by name, date and number.

The Network appealed to the international community with its institutions and the Human Rights Council in Geneva, saying that what is taking place in Syria constitutes a violation of human rights principles and the international law , as it is a terrorism similar to the terrorist attack took place in the USA on September 11 2001, which was condemned by the international community.

Busalama and Anza Clans in Syria and Iraq Condemn Two Terrorist Explosions Hit Damascus
Al-Sada al-Ashraf Busalama and Anza clans in Syria and Iraq condemned the two terrorist explosions hit Damascus on Saturday, asserting that these crimes target the security and safety of the Syrian people.

In a statement on Saturday SANA received a copy of, the clans said “Those two criminal acts, which target Syria’s dignity, will increase the Syrian people commitment to the national principles and rallying around the comprehensive reform program led by the Syrian leadership.”

Arab Socialist Union Party of Syria: This Terrorism Aims at Hitting the Syrians’ Will

The Arab Socialist Union Party of Syria expressed denunciation of the terrorist attacks, saying that the terrorism hitting Damascus is aimed at hitting the Syrian people’s will to subjugate it and break its ability to confront the conspiracy.

Syria’s Scholars Statement ‘Strongly’ Condemns Damascus Explosions

A statement issued by Syria’s Scholars ‘strongly’ condemned the two terrorist explosions which hit Damascus stressing that the provocative scholars shoulder the responsibility for the terrorist acts.

Heads of Syrian Clans Condemn the Terrorist Explosions

Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Barak of al-Jabour clan condemned the terrorist explosions which hit Damascus, stressing that these explosions and other terrorist acts will not weaken the will of the Syrian people.

Al-Boumajed clan, Al-Marramera clan and al-Khazaelah clan also condemned the explosions stressing that the Syrian people will remain united and continue rallying around their leadership against all conspiracies.

Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Condemns the two Terrorist Explosions, Stress Syrian People’s Will to Overcome Terrorism

The Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party condemned the two terrorist explosions which hit the Syrian people and their secure institutions and houses.

In a statement, the Regional Leadership considered the explosions as indicative of terrorism backed from the outside through offering money and ammunition.

People’s Assembly Condemn Damascus Terrorist Explosions

The People’s Assembly condemned the terrorist explosions which hit Damascus early in the morning, stressing that such acts are aimed at undermining the security and stability of the Syrian people.

In a statement, the People’s Assembly stressed that such criminal acts will boost the steadfastness of the Syrian people against all forms of terrorism.

Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Arab Writers Union, General Sport Union and National Initiative of Syrian Kurds Condemn the Bombings

Condemnations of the terrorist explosions were also expressed in statements issued by Damascus Chamber of Commerce, the Arab Writers Union, the General Sport Union and the National Initiative of Syrian Kurds.

The statements firmly condiment the two explosions highlighted the continued war against Syria and its national and pan-Arab stances waged by the US, Zionism and the Arab reactionary forces, stressing that building homelands can not be achieved by means of destruction and sabotage.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: The Same Killers Committing Massacres from Gaza to Damascus

For its part, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the General Leadership, condemned the two terrorist bombings, saying it is the same hands of the killers that are committing massacres stretched from Gaza to Damascus, whose aim is to assassin the spirit and culture of the Resistance.

A statement by the Front said this crime shows the failure of the conspiracy against Syria, stressing that “the flames of hatred will backfire on the killers in Washington, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and all those following their plots against out nationa.”

Palestinian Liberation Army Staff Condemns Two Damascus Explosions

The Palestinian Liberation Army’s General Staff condemned the two explosions which hit Damascus and stressed that the explosions are a criminal step that uncovers the conspiracy plotted by some Arab sides and western powers against Syria.

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