Confirmed: Syrian Army’s full order of battle for east Damascus offensive


Confirmed information on the Syrian Arab Army’s complete order of battle for its now-imminent offensive against armed rebel group in the East Ghouta region of Damascus has been attained by sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News.

The number of Syrian Army divisions and brigades – most of them veteran formations – involved in the new east Damascus offensive suggests a massive battle to come.

To this end, the Syrian Army formations assigned to the operation have been identified as follows:

  • Tiger Forces Division;
  • 14th Special Forces Division;
  • 1st Armored Division;
  • 4th Mechanized Division;
  • 9th Armored Division;
  • Republican Guard 104th Brigade;
  • Republican Guard 105th Brigade; and
  • Republican Guard 106th Brigade.

In the last hour, artillery units attached to the elite Tiger Forces Division commenced a massive bombardment of rebel positions and defense lines across East Ghouta.

This indicates that the Syrian Army is committing to its much-anticipated operation, having now started the preliminary phase of it.

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