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Confusion Dominating over Zionist Military and Security Circles: How Could Syrian Missile Surpass All Defenses into Dimona?

The zionist media outlets continued reflecting the case of confusion which has been dominating over the military and security circles since the Syrian missile hit Dimona area early Thursday.

The Zionist analysts show no more interest in identifying whether the missile was errant or deliberately targeted Dimona city; however, the failure of the defense systems in intercepting the rocket has become their main concern.

In this regard, the contradiction between the two circulated narratives highlighted the case of confusion in the entity. The first claimed that the defense systems were activated without succeeding in intercepting the Syrian missile; the second indicated that the defense systems were not activated at all.

The Israeli commanders tried to avoid the embarrassing questions by noting that the issue is under probation.

Meanwhile, the Zionist analysts highlighted the eminence of the danger posed by the rocketry power which threatens the occupation entity during any war.

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