Countries backing terrorism in Syria oppose Iran peace plan: Iranian MP

An Iranian lawmaker says the countries that benefit from terrorist activities and tension in Syria are opposed to Iran’s newly unveiled plan that aims to restore peace in the Arab country.

“The countries that are supporting terrorist and violent measures in Syria are opposed to Iran’s six-point plan aimed at establishing peace in the country,” Mohammad-Hassan Asafari, a member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, told IRNA on Tuesday.

“Countries like the US, which gain benefit from the spread of conflict in Syria, have not yet welcomed Iran’s six-point plan for the establishment of peace in the country,” he added.

Asafari said that for the peace plans to materialize, the countries that support terrorism must stop sending weapons and militants into Syria.

He added that the Syrian unrest will not be settled as long as the militants are supported militarily, stressing that certain states spread violence in Syria to fix their position in the Middle East.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011.

On December 16, Iran unveiled the details of a six-point plan to resolve the ongoing crisis in Syria, which calls for an immediate end to all violent and armed acts.

The plan calls for sending humanitarian aid to Syrians following the end of all conflicts, lifting all economic sanctions imposed against the country, and facilitating the return of displaced Syrians to their homes.

It also urges talks between the Syrian government and the representatives of all Syrian groups regardless of their political and social tendencies in order to form a national reconciliation committee.

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